Breaking Out

Written by on January 5, 2021

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: It’s always darkest before you break out above the clouds.

2020 sucked.

Don’t get me wrong, there were also positives. But I think we can all agree that we could all use a vacation.

Last month I went to take care of my grandchildren while their parents got a few days of pandemic-like vacation.

It was rainy and dreary the morning I flew home from Seattle. As our plane barreled down the runway pre-sunrise, the darkness was unsettling, and it was gloomy and bumpy on the way up.

Within moments the city was erased from sight and we were trapped in the dark grey of a thick cloud layer. I felt a strange sense of panic and unease. I could not see anything but the grey. Had it not been for the plane, I would not have known up from down. I felt suspended in space and time, with no way out.

Like magic, however, we broke through the clouds into beauty. The glow of the sunrise painted colors on the now white clouds. Above all the doom and gloom there was an ethereal beauty that brought me instant calm.

I know that we are still not at the end of this time of chaos. It feels still at times as if we may never leave the grey cloud layer.

But there are rays that shine through. We will break through and find new hope. No matter how it feels in the moment.


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