Don’t Put Baby in a Corner

Written by on March 19, 2020

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: You’ve made it to the corner office with a view! Of the corner… I’ve been based out of a home office for decades now. There are wonderful benefits, including a very short commute. But until now, I’ve never had to share office space. Over the years people have said things like “That must be so nice to work in your pajamas all day!” And the pajama thing was the primary reason that a year ago I joined the Pyramid Club. I was tired of my sweatpants and I needed other adults to talk to. Working from home, airplanes, hotel rooms and Starbucks can be lonely. Isolating. Challenging. But now, working from home with another person, much less those of you also balancing children and pets, can feel claustrophobic. Invasive. Intrusive. My hubby now “happily” resides upstairs, with me in my basement office. His corner office with an impressive display of Philadelphia has been replaced with a view of a gorgeous painting by his daughter Kristi Rasmussen and an active construction site. But there are amazing positives. I have a new workout buddy, chat time around the coffee maker, and a co-worker to complain to about the boss! Wait. I am my own boss. That seems wrong. Which reminds me of the best reason of all. More time cornered with someone I love.


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