Fly Like an Eagle

Written by on July 8, 2020

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’, into the future… I just returned from our annual trip to Round Lake, MN. We jump off the pontoon, sit in lawn chairs in the lake, play cards and listen to classic rock on 103.7 The Loon. My favorite activity, however, is my morning paddleboard. Down to the tunnel, back around the reeds, and over the drop-off. Before I am 4 strokes in, I find mental clarity. There is a tree in the yard that is the favorite spot of eagles. From this perch, they can see, well, the perch. This vantage point highlights fish that are ripe for the taking. A vision of a future meal, available whenever she wants to take flight. Paddleboarding provides me with a vantage point for headspace. On this trip, I used it to fix the last challenges with our “Shock Your Potential” app (coming FINALLY next week), came up with a new book concept, and laid out the foundation for a second company we are launching in August. I talk out loud to myself, unencumbered by social norms. I see clearly. In the midst of challenges, stress, and the daily grind, it is easy to get lost in the routine. You become myopic. Paddle a little further, however, and the landscape changes. Your vantage point is higher. And you can learn to fly like an eagle…


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