A Gold Star Day

Written by on October 19, 2017

Thoughts From the Coffee Table:  This week I learned that you are 200 times more likely to become a millionaire if you make your bed right after you get up.  Last month I learned that you will be healthier if you don’t make your bed right away and instead allow it to air out with the blankets thrown back.  I made my bed this morning.  And then bought a lottery ticket.

When I write in my journal every day, I am clearly focused.  But if I miss even one day, my focus suffers.

When I exercise, my body is strong and healthy.  But when I miss even one day, I often miss 2 or 3 or more.

When I meditate, my soul and brain operate in tandem.  But when I miss even one day, I am not balanced.

Last month I started drawing a star on each day that I did all three.  I got 8 stars.

Earlier this month I realized I like stars.  I want more stars.  Like a child with a chore chart, I want more stars!  I went to Target and bought foam gold stars.

After 15 days of gold stars I think I may have a habit.

I hit the road again next week for crazy travel in different time zones.  I am scared.  How will I keep it up?  What happens when I am sick?  I want all stars!

Breathe grasshopper…  Relax and just take it one star at a time.

And buy another lottery ticket.


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