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Written by on June 30, 2020

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Are you clear about the image you convey?

I recently spoke to a friend who is struggling to get job interviews.

Prior to our call I reviewed his LinkedIn Profile and had something very important to share with him.


Yes, he was on LinkedIn. His resume was clearly listed. But other than that, there was nothing. Crickets.

He had less than 100 connections. He had never written an article or a post. He had never commented on, liked or shared anyone else’s content.


He is a very talented salesperson, but he was losing his most important sale. Himself.

Later that day I spoke to another very talented salesperson, also in a job search. In contrast, she makes comments on so many varied posts that I am never sure what she stands for.

Thoughtful content tells a story about you. Your skills. Your passion. Your abilities.

Through your engagement, I learn things about you that your resume alone will never tell me.

In the silent Philly airport this week, I found this rocking chair. Covered with random bits of knitting, pom poms and bits of fur.

I have no idea the quality of the chair underneath. But the cover definitely tells a story. Perhaps not one that the chair would want told, but told nonetheless.

One doily at a time.


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