Jossie Mutia

VP - Client Relations

Short Biography

Jossie Mutia started with Shock Your Potential in December 2019, hired as the company’s first Administrative Assistant. Her dedication and enthusiasm for the guests who crossed her paths for the Shock Your Potential Podcast led to her eventual promotion to Podcast Manager. She was later promoted to the Director of Special services in June 2021.  

Jossie now holds the position of Vice President of Client Relations. She is responsible for SYP Special Services and the SYP Podcast 

Jossie is often referred to as the emotional glue of the company, and her tenure at the company has challenged her to shock her own potential. She is dedicated to making sure that everyone who comes into contact with her has an amazing experience with the company. 

Favorite Quote

“Success is not final: Failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”