Mismatched Parts

Written by on February 5, 2020

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Who we are today is built upon all of our experiences. 

I was interviewed this week by Joyel Crawford, MBA, CPCC, PHR on her RVN TV show, CareerView Mirror. I love the name and the concept, and she is a dynamic, energetic and joyful human!

Some of her questions, much like those I ask guests on my Shock Your Potential Podcast, caused me to reflect on my past. To give advice to the younger, less experienced me, on my career.

I am so much kinder to myself today than I was in my 20’s, 30’s or even 40’s. I no longer feel like I am in a race against myself, or others.

And most importantly, I am thankful for the plethora of experiences, many good, many bad, that make up this human that I am today.

This was part of a collection on display in the #atlanta Delta Air Lines Sky Club. Mismatched parts of things that, for the most part, are no longer in use. No longer current.

A view finder face. A drive-in movie speaker body. Old-school phone arms.

When put together, however, they form something that is easily recognizable. Look long enough and you only see a robot. Not a collection of parts.

But this robot couldn’t exist like this without each unique part.

Juxtapositions held together with Glue. Care. Vision.

And most importantly, Purpose. Like us.


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