Musical Chairs

Written by on April 17, 2020

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Pull up a chair and stay awhile! Like everyone, I am getting twitchy, eager to feel normal. And things that I used to take for granted seem like such luxuries now. Beautiful works of art, meticulously collected and displayed. Flower gardens lovingly planted and nurtured. Parks with jungle gyms and batting cages. Days before Philly shut down, I attended a yoga class amidst priceless works of art in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I walked through the lovely grounds of the Rodin Museum. I enjoyed the canopied trees surrounding the Barnes Museum. I didn’t appreciate those moments enough then. This week I went for a run, trying to keep distance from my fellow citizens who are also helplessly drawn to this spot. The Rocky Steps call to us. They bring us together even we can’t actually enjoy each other. We crave to gather, with 6-foot boundaries, at a place that reminds us of normal. Just being close is enough to give promise. These chairs, blown around after a major windstorm, both mocked me and called to me. A juxtaposition of gathering and avoiding. A bright yellow reminder of what was, and what will be again. We are all feeling battered and tossed around, at the whim of nature. But we will find order again. One rocky step at a time.


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