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Peter Messina
Peter MessinaDirector of digital transformation
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I first met Michael during a leadership training for our NACD Emerging Leaders event in May 2022. Interacting with her during the session was great. She delivers concise, actionable advice that is both relatable and personalized. Michael's #TellMeMore technique is a simple yet effective way in slowing down our leadership decisions to accelerate the growth of our employees. Since following Michael on LinkedIn, I see how many people she has helped in taking their leadership skills to the next level.
Alejandra Montes
Alejandra MontesCorporate Account Manager at Third Coast
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I saw Michael Sherlock at a conference for my industry's "Emerging Leaders." She was thoughtful, engaging, and challenged us with the "Tell Me More" method to empower the people around us to come up with solutions and create a more collaborative environment. I learned a lot from her presentation, felt energized to help my team and thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend having her as a speaker with your sales team/leadership team!
Anita Kraus
Anita Kraus Senior Account Executive
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I attended a Sales Workshop with Michael at an industry conference. She gave an outstanding presentation on identifying a sales process and using it to gain clients / business. I learned about the importance of building relationships first, which can then translate to positive business outcomes. She is an engaging and powerful presenter!
Amelia Greene
Amelia GreeneGlobal Product Manager at Wego Chemical Group
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Working with Michael on a webinar for our non-profit was seamless and fun. We had a quick call with Michael to describe our requested subject matter and the format of the event. Shortly thereafter, she sent us her intended deck along with some other ideas for crowd engagement including polls, breakout rooms, and short answers throughout the webinar. She even put together a survey before the event in order to best understand our groups wants and needs from the webinar. The webinar was fun and Michael kept the subject matter interesting. Overall, I highly recommend Michael for your professional development and training events.
Paul Lee Holden
Paul Lee HoldenGlobal ITAM Network &Telecom Engineering Director
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Kudos goes out to Michael Sherlock for building a custom virtual interactive speaking engagement for our Nike Global Technology teams which had audiences from N. America all the way to Australia. She kept everyone engaged and was very interactive throughout the duration. We look forward to holding more of these sessions. The topic was leading and working with your peers and subordinates in a virtual environment. The audience was both individual contributors and managers/directors/+. Thank you Michael!
James Daniels
James DanielsPresident/CEO at The MEETING Designers
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In 2019, a couple of our employees of The Meeting Designers and I had the blessing of participating in a "Shock Your Potential" workshop led by international speaker and best-selling author Michael Sherlock. Her content was fresh and engaging, and definitely not "cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all" like so many other motivational presenters. Our associates found the participation in her program to be life-changing on many personal levels--and absolutely business-changing! Our team returned from the event with a rekindled motivation to not only create personalized performance goals, but also to execute them and commit to accountability. I've already seen the incredible and profitable results. The Meeting Designers is not only proud to call Michael a friend, but also an authentic inspiration.
Alexis Mintz
Alexis MintzCo-Founder at Get More Reviews
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Michael is wonderful to work with- she produced tangible and very positive results for our company. She has a great ability to bring a sales-minded focus and attitude to health care teams. Our audiology department was definitely transformed for the better due to Michael's guidance and consultation. I highly respect her sales and marketing skills. She was a valuable asset to our practice at a time of transition and change.

Do you feel like you don't know where to go to in your career? Or do you feel like the next step for you seems out of reach?

The Enlightened Workplace Community is where employees and leaders are empowered to create a greater working place that is effortless to work in, and everyone is rooting for their colleagues. Will you want to be in a such working environment?

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Yes, you can have both success and experience more ease and joy in your business, but it will only happen when you learn how to be comfortable in your own highly sensitive skin and build resilience through leading from your highly sensitive strengths. It means stepping up as a Highly Sensitive Leader® in your business and life, which starts with learning how to be in charge of YOURSELF first, then learning how to be in charge of your PURPOSE second.

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When you step into the Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program you become part of something bigger than yourself – you join the Shock Your Potential Virtual Water Cooler and shape the future of the world by learning to lead from your highly sensitive strengths.

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