No One is Purfect

Written by on April 20, 2021

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Let’s agree to disagree. My outfit is most definitely NOT purrrrrfect.

The first time someone said “Let’s agree to disagree,” it rubbed me the wrong way. The way it was said it to me, dripping with false sincerity, screamed an unspoken statement of “I am smarter than you and don’t need to listen to another word.”

Today I wonder what this statement could do in a world that is increasingly polarized every day.

Many people state their opinions as if they were cold, hard, indisputable universal facts, closing themselves off to discussion.

“I am so right, and know that I am so right, that I have no need to hear another word.”

I recently interviewed 🌱 Natasha Tatton Ⓥ and her husband Ed for my podcast (airs June 4). They are vegan, own a vegan bread company in Whistler Blackcomb, and believe that more people would benefit from a vegan lifestyle. But they don’t use their platform to demand you become vegan. Their doors are open to all, literally and figuratively.

When we listen to each other, with open minds and respect, we don’t have to believe what the other believes. But we can understand them better, creating bridges of understanding.

Penelope allowed this pic to prove that she is open minded. Right before she sulked away. No one is purfect.


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