No Peeping Time for Procrastination!

Written by on April 3, 2020

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I am a bad, bad grandmother… Before the world turned upside down, I was preparing to send Easter baskets to my grandchildren. I bought cute baskets, colorful grass, and an assortment of delicious treats that I assumed I could resist. I never liked Peeps, until last year I found Cotton Candy Peeps. They are life changing! I was confident that “regular” Peeps wouldn’t even catch my eye. Until their presence in my office for weeks on end finally did me in. Why didn’t I mail them, you ask? Because I can’t justify going to the Post Office right now. Why didn’t I hide them away? Because I would know where to find them. Why didn’t I tell my hubby to hide them? Because he would have. I sat down with Kate Colbert‘s book “Think Like A Marketer” yesterday. I hadn’t finished it yet, and was struck by how many notes I have written in it already, and haven’t acted upon yet. Why haven’t I taken the good advice yet? Because I thought I had other more urgent things to do. Why didn’t I finish the book yet? Because then I know I would have had to act upon the strategies. Why didn’t I tell Kate that I hadn’t finished it yet or acted upon any of it? Because she would have laughed and reminded me to make good business decisions. Sh…..Not a Peep out of me!


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