Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?

Written by on May 4, 2021

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Where was this when my son was a child?

Preparation is key for success. To-do lists, an orderly desk, schedules for deliverables, blocking time for what I call “Get S**T Done” time, etc.

Preparation does more than allow you to “Get S**T Done”, however. It creates new pathways for your mind to operate.

We attach importance to things we prepare for. Your mind will subconsciously begin to review what is necessary for success and help you to identify it when you prepare.

Right now I am working on my health, weight and fitness. To hit my targets I must prepare a few things every night, especially my breakfast, which is currently different versions of overnight oats.

Without preparation I am faced in the morning without easy solutions to stay on track.

Punting is never the strategy to win the Superbowl. Yet we punt all day long in our personal and professional lives and wonder why we are not moving forward.

We all know we should never go to the grocery store hungry. I once did that, bought a loaf of hot freshly baked bread and at half of it in the store! Don’t worry. I paid for it. In more ways that one.

If only we would have learned that preparation lesson as children.

Wait! We can teach them now.

One banana at a time.


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