Scrub Daddy!

Written by on February 16, 2021

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: You can’t help but smile at a Scrub Daddy!

In December I took care of my grandchildren while their parents got away for a much-needed break. While there, I bought a Scrub Daddy. I have one and love it. After all, the last year has taught us the importance of great cleaning products!

My granddaughter was fascinated with the Scrub Daddy, Inc., apparently thinking it was a new toy, and the sponge spent its first day being carted around like a doll. It watched Sesame Street with her, was her partner while we read a book, and earned a prominent place at the dinner table.

When she was asleep, I was finally able to break it free from her grip to use it for its intended purpose.

The next day she wasn’t upset (thankfully) over the loss, but rather fascinated by me using it to wash dishes. Eventually, she brought a chair to the sink to help me.

Joy over simple things is one of the greatest lessons I have learned throughout this pandemic. Things that I took for granted before, or would have never before found pleasure in, have taken on new meaning in the strangest ways.

Yesterday, after washing dishes, I found my own Scrub Daddy, looking up at me with glee.

Used for a purpose, bejeweled in bubbles, and offering a smile amidst a chore.


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