Skipping Stones

Written by on April 13, 2021

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Don’t go with the flow. Skip rocks instead.

It’s easy to get stuck when faced with a challenge. It can feel easier to go with the flow and be propelled along, allowing the river of life to take you on its destined path. Why fight it?

But when I have chosen this option, I have found myself washed up on shore in a place I did not want to be in. Not at my goal, but rather just another place, for lack of my own effort.

I recently came across a gorgeous river, swelling with icy snow runoff. Its flow called to me. It was mesmerizing.

I looked down to see the most perfect stone. Shale, flat and layered, and perfect for skipping.

On a lake on a calm day, I have made as many as 20 skips, perfecting this sport as a child. On this day, in this place, I was lucky to get 2. The sheer intensity of the river seemed to thwart me at every flick of the wrist. It mocked my efforts to fight the current.

Still, I kept throwing rock after rock.

I had a problem to solve. One that had kept me “going with the flow” for some time. I hadn’t found my solution yet.

But on that day, instead of being deterred, I became stubborn. Soon, each skip brought new clarity. New focus.

And eventually, a solution that I had not considered, had I not chosen to fight the river.


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