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Written by on October 17, 2017

Thoughts from the Coffee Table: Monday Morning Mugs with Michael – Ok, so this is clearly not a mug. But after going into my neighborhood Starbucks on 20 & Callowhill in Philly, I had no choice. Upon walking in the door I was greeted by a bright smile from Claude (according to his name tag). I told Claude I wasn’t sure what I wanted this morning and he dove right in with excitement about several new things. Something with mangos was clearly his favorite! But he admitted, sadly, that there was no caffeine in it. It was lovely! When we agreed that I definitely needed caffeine this morning, he suggested the sweet vanilla cream cold brew. I was hooked! Every time I go into this store, I am greeted by fabulous people. Today was no different. However, I noted the large number of orders for pickup, and it made me think. If you order to pick up, you don’t get to meet Claude. You don’t get the joy of having the barista call your name when your drink is done (which feels a little like winning the lottery to me). Why would you miss that?

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