The Sky is NOT Falling! Said Chicken Little….

Written by on April 28, 2021

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Don’t count your Chicken Dumplings until they are served.

Before a global pandemic turned my business (and yours as well) on its head, I was on my way to my best year ever.

As events rapidly melted away, it was disheartening, to say the least. Training budgets have been chopped. Association memberships have fallen dramatically. Everyone is trying to deliver value while watching every penny.

I recently had a request for pro-bono training. “We can’t pay you, but you get access to our audience.” We both laughed (thankfully) when I said “Access won’t pay the mortgage.”

In the end we found ways for me to be able to gain tangible results. Win/win opportunities require appreciate and mutual respect.

Kalaya in Philly is the “best new restaurant in the nation.” Kanom Jeeb Nok are actually fish, onion and radish dumplings, carefully crafted by hand. The skill and time required to create these works of art is incredible. They are gone within seconds, yet their powerful presence lives on in memory.

The beauty of the dumpling, and the attention to detail, is not diminished by being eaten, however. That is why they are made.

Take time to admire and respect these creations before consumption. Savor, smile and thank the chef.

You are both winners.


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