The Ugly Grouper

Written by on January 26, 2021

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: It’s not an insult. Groupers really are ugly. And also delicious. Last week I was speaking with someone about the “little exaggerations” that people put on their resumes. He said “Most of the exaggerations are just that. They aren’t lies, but rather they inflate the positives in a way that aren’t quite truth, but not truly lies. Yet it always makes me wonder why people aren’t confident enough about who they are.” We spoke further about how those exaggerations make us question the whole person, especially when they appear so obvious. Often, the candidate is everything we want, on their own merit. Putting your best foot forward seems harder today when on Instagram, everyone is perfect. So what are we lacking? Self-confidence. While in Florida, I fell in love with Grouper. Sandwiches, kabobs, blackened, deep-fried, broiled, you name it. No matter how it came, I loved every bite. But it is literally an ugly fish. Ugly enough for The Ugly Grouper restaurant on Anna Maria Island to boast this rather….unique….piece of art. We may think that as we are is “too ugly” to be hired by our dream company or for our dream job, and thus try to pretty ourselves up on paper. But in the end, ugly or not, we might all be just what they are looking for.


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