The Wheels on the Bus…

Written by on April 15, 2020

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: The wheels on the bus go round and round. Have you ever cleaned a closet, ready to give away anything that you haven’t worn in ages, hasn’t fit in years, and is taking up valuable closet space, only to find things you can’t live without? Sometimes looking at things with a fresh perspective, you can see how they can still have meaning…in your wardrobe, business or life. The countdown clock is ticking for something I am very excited about. The launch of my quirky yet power-packed on-demand professional development app is just weeks away! We have been focused so much on creating new content that I almost failed to see the value in the busloads full of material I have produced over the past few years. Now I am digging through files that I hadn’t even thought about, surprised by the nuggets of gold in them there hills! (That’s a reference to the CA Gold Rush…wait for it…) This gorgeous bus/coffee bar and cafe sits in Big Sur, CA, overlooking a bubbling brook and looming trees. The epitome of re-purposing something of beauty that might actually be able to operate any longer for its original intent, but that still holds immense value. And possibility. Our past still holds purpose in our future. We just might have to dig a little to find it.


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