Time To Get Out of The Box

Written by on January 19, 2021

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: I am definitely an “in the box” thinker. I have dedicated Mondays in 2021 to business planning. How am I doing so far? I’d give myself a B-. I’m having difficulty with my dang email inbox. So yesterday I put myself in timeout. Seriously. I shut off my email and turned off my phone. Finally! Some traction! I try to keep the email monster at bay. But the pings of an email notification are bright shiny objects, and I think: “Why not just tackle them as they come in and be done?” Problem? I bet you know it. They never stop coming! This approach has put me in a box of my own making. So how can I tear down these walls? I’m going to try to detox. It worked yesterday, so why not try it again today? For one hour this morning, and one hour this afternoon (got to start small when you detox, lest you suffer from withdrawals) I will turn it all off again to work on business-building projects. I will try to get myself out of this box. As I contemplate this, Penelope reminds me that sometimes, no matter your intentions, you do what you’ve always done. After all, we bought her an enormous kitty condo nearly a year ago. And clearly, she prefers to stay in the box.


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