Unlock Your Potential

Written by on July 20, 2020

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: People lock themselves in today in different ways. I used to say that I knew I would be old when I began statements with “In my day.” So here we go! In my day…. * You sent a handwritten thank-you note after a job interview * A Performance Review was a precursor to getting a raise * People who wanted to get ahead invested in themselves by going to seminars, buying books on tape, and more The list of things “in my day” is long. But what interests me more today is the list of “what now?” We have a wide-open opportunity to create new ways to excel. We can shift paradigms and create new measuring sticks for success. When I first moved to Philly I was confused by the lock-boxes on every porch railing. Where I came from, lock-boxes were only used by #realtors when a house was being sold. In the city, people don’t want to carry keys. A new path emerged. A new freedom from being tied to the old way. It’s not better or worse. It’s just different. Training and professional development is, and will continue to be, much different in a #covid world. Some things better. Some things worse. And everything definitely different. How will you change what you can achieve, by what you will dream? What will you unlock today?


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