Welcome to the Shock Your Potential App!

Written by on July 13, 2020

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Today is a Left-Shark Shoe kind of day. Drum-roll, please….. Today we FINALLY launch our new Shock Your Potential app. After setbacks, computer crashes, mic issues, and more, we are finally ready to present this baby to the world. As I got dressed today I thought about how far we’ve come and how my team and I have adapted from a full calendar of speaking events around the globe to uncertainty. Instead of full conference rooms, I set up an in-house studio and spoke to an empty room, save for the occasional visits from our cat, Penelope. Making the most of a situation isn’t always easy or comfortable. But it can be exciting and unexpected. Left-Shark made his debut with Katy Perry at the Superbowl XLIX half-time show. Other people might have been dismayed on having to wear a shark costume on the world’s largest stage. No one will be able to see what you look like! But not Left-Shark. He decided to dance like no one was watching. While everyone was. Although my fabulous shoe collection has been confined to the closet, for now, I put them on today in his honor. I feel so powerful in my own quirky way, and very proud. And may have even done a little dance. Want to know more? Search for “Shock Your Potential” in your app store!


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