Why Not?

Written by on April 14, 2020

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Holding on for dear life or enjoying the bumpy ride? #StayAtHome has been stressful for us all. Without outlets, we could all go crazy. I am thankful for my daily doses of #mindfulness. I carve out a specific time each day for #meditation, and recently began using Glenn Harrold‘s app. His sessions are transformative, helping me to quiet the inner fears and keep me moving positively ahead. To push aside the “what if?”s and instead see the “why not?s. To control what I can. This pic from 2013 was a milestone moment. A new company, a new team, and a mission to hit record sales results. Earlier that day I had turned things upside down at the annual meeting. Many were afraid of what was to come, others hopeful and eager. But they all knew that it was going to be a bumpy ride. My new team dared me to ride the mechanical bull that night. I can admit now that I wasn’t excited about it. I had never done it before. What if I looked like a fool? What if I fell off right away? What if?……. But I smiled and got on, daring myself to take a risk. Why not? Today I am practicing the same strategy, daring to look at life and business through a vastly different lens. To enjoy the ride AND the bumps. What if? Why not? And, what are you waiting for?


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