Yoga Dog Knows All

Written by on July 12, 2020

Thoughts From the Coffee Table: Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Yoga Dog is wise… I haven’t written a blog post since April 24. For much of the time I have been wrapped up in the final touches of our app. Then I was overwhelmed by #stayathome, tired of being cooped up like everyone else. And in the last 2 weeks, I had no idea what to say. We submitted the app for approval this week to Apple and Google (look here for a sneak peak – bit.ly/3csiD96), and restaurants begin to open again in Philly. The sun is shining. But we all know that it is not all right in the world. We have many steps we all need to take. This morning Yoga Dog and I had a nice heart to heart. He reminded me to simply breathe. Be thankful. Be grateful. Be kind. Be open. Be loving. Be brave. Be bold. Dream big. Chase those dreams. And help others to do the same.


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