Conversations From Y to X with Nicole Turchin

Nicole Turchin was the co-creator of Sunshine & 79 at the time we recorded this podcast, a company committed to creating “fun”. Sunshine & 79 has since become a part of BNG Team and formed BNG Inspire.

In this episode, you will find out how through her company, serious topics and buzz words are twisted to be interactive and entertaining. You’ll also learn how BNG Inspire offers its services to encourage and facilitate individual, team, organizational connection and growth, with an emphasis on laughter and fun (because sometimes life is a little too serious, don’t ya think?).

BNG Inspire embodies several offerings, some committed to individual awesomeness, and some committed to helping in the creation and sustainability of kick ass teams and organizations. 

Nicole is also an advocate of millennial mentorship. Listen in and learn more!

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