It All Adds Up ! – Susan Kiamba

“One of the things I firmly believe is that as long as we’re always learning, we’re always going to be growing.” Susan Kiamba

Transitioning from a corporate job to entrepreneurship is never easy, but it is definitely doable. The fulfilment that comes from putting into practice what once appeared impossible is unmatched. Our guest today Susan Kiamba, has experienced both worlds, and at some point had to overcome the dilemma of not knowing what to do to move forward. According to Susan, everything always adds up, it is all about self-discovery and taking courage to take that first step.

Susan is the Founder and CEO of Blue Elite LLP, a career coaching and training consulting firm. She is also a respected corporate trainer and career coach. Using her expertise in designing learning and career coaching, Susan is the creator of Unlock Your Career Growth Bootcamp, 4 Keys to Unlock Your Career Growth Training and Unbank Your Career for Banking Professionals. All these online programs are designed to help professionals get unstuck in their careers, gain career clarity, direction and confidence in their next steps.

Susan Kiamba began her career in banking, gaining unparalleled experience in the industry, while also establishing herself as a reputable corporate trainer. Susan is widely known for her expertise in coaching banking professionals who need career clarity..

In todays’ episode, Susan talks about how she was able to leverage her experiences to create a thriving business. She also highlights some of the lessons she has picked up through her entrepreneurial journey.

Listen in!


  • Many people have this dream of one day starting out a business and being free from the shackles of corporate and the nine to five grind.
  • My business started out started out from a time when I had not thought I was going to go into business.
  • I had no idea how to make that transition from corporate to business but I created a framework around it and guided people so that they could replicate the same results that I had seen.
  • We all try to minimize our amazing cells into a certain mold, and unfortunately, the corporate world sometimes doesn’t like our uniqueness so much.
  • I’ve been guiding people for the last couple of years through different transitions in their career.
  • Self-discovery is deep work that takes time it takes energy takes effort.
  • Many times, we don’t give ourselves permission to actually be our best and always having a reason why we justify our unhappiness for a really long time.
  • No two journeys are ever the same and where you started out, at some point, you’re going to diverge.
  • It is always amazing just listening to people’s stories and how they found their place and how they have found themselves and how they’re evolving.
  • One of the things I firmly believe is that as long as we’re always learning, we’re always going to be growing.
  • Sometimes I find that, women especially, will tend to half-heartedly put out an salary offer which they don’t negotiate and then have regrets later.
  • Commercial break.
  • One of the things I learned about myself in the process is that my greatest tool is actually my mindset.
  • My career coaching business grew in the pandemic because I quickly shifted from corporate and went into working with individuals.
  • Being able to make those changes as and when it is needed, and not having this fixed idea of what’s going to work out and what’s not absolutely going to work out.
  • As an entrepreneur, I’ve had to think of what to do for my businesses to survive.
  • Everything adds up, you just need to be more creative in your collective experiences.
  • Sit down and do a skills inventory to find out the capabilities you have and how you can leverage those skills to help you be best at what you do.


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