Unleash the Champ – Kyle Sullivan

“For every person that I have ever gotten an opportunity to lead, I ask them to always remember seven words, ‘I trust you,’ and ‘I believe in you.’” Kyle Sullivan

The leadership journey is not easy considering the numerous challenges that a person has to overcome and the endless lessons along the way. This experience can however be very different when a leader has a supportive and encouraging force in the form of a couch. That is what our guest today, Kyle Sullivan gives to his clients. He trusts and believes in the abilities of people which, according to him, give them the motivation to be better.

Kyle Sullivan is the founder of a company called Unleash the Champ, whose goal is to create powerful coaching experiences for successful people. Toe who are in leadership and want to discover the inner champion and be the best they could be without sacrificing the things that matter most in their lives. Kyle has more than years of organizational leadership and team development and has led thousands of people in the course of his leadership journey. Kyle strives to inspire people everywhere to unlock the cages they are in to unleash the champ within.

In today’s episode, our guest will discuss about his journey in leadership and getting into entrepreneurship. He will further talk about how leaders can grow their people by simply trusting and believing in their abilities.

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  • I started the company in July of last year. [2:30]
  • When I held my daughter for the first time, I knew everything had changed. [2:50]
  • I wanted to be present in time and not just give presents of things and had no clue how that was going to happen. [3:15]
  • I started working from home and I saw all the milestones in my daughter’s life. [3:45]
  • When our staff decided to go back to the office I strongly felt that it was time. [3:58]
  • My wife said to me that she thought I may be the last person to realize was you should be doing. [4:37]
  • That was the confirmation and I stepped off from being a pastor and I was 51 percent that this would work, and that was all I needed. [5:02]
  • The pillars of ‘Unleashing the Champ’ deal with your calling, your heart, attitude, mindset, and performance. [6:34]
  • When someone is questioning whether or not to do something, we look at whether or not that is their calling which could be or could not be what they are currently doing. [6:45]
  • The pandemic shocked all of us to see how quickly our world can crumble. [7:29]
  • My definition of success is getting to the end of my life with as little ‘what ifs’ as possible. [7:47]
  • People are getting into entrepreneurship and taking a bet on themselves at a rate that has never been seen before. [11:30]
  • It is producing some really beautiful things in the marketplace. [11:47]
  • Commercial Break. [11:57]
  • For every person I have ever gotten an opportunity to lead, I ask them to always remember seven words, ‘I trust you,’ and ‘I believe in you.’ [13:27]
  • We live in a society where trust has to be earned and I think that is BS [13:56]
  • We are placing people on a deficit and condition ourselves to look for things to confirm our bias. [14:04]
  • My favorite response to a question someone would ask me as their leader is, ‘you decide.’ [14:47]
  • We are used to people telling us what to do and barking orders and top-down leadership. [15:09]
  • I believe that you will make the right decision based on where you are at right now in your development, leadership, and ability. [15:40]
  • I come from a stance of humility saying that if this decision was made, obviously there is information that I don’t know that impacted this decision. [16:50]
  • The question, ‘help me understand,’ is the most disarming question a leader can ask that allows them to improve their leadership because it comes from a place of trusting and believing people. [17:25]
  • The tension is getting a leader to embody that. [18:51]
  • Typically, leaders get to places of higher-level management areas because they did it all and that was what was affirmed. [19:00]
  • In leadership, what gets celebrated gets repeated. [19:18]
  • It is a hard thing for a leader to admit they have been closed-handed and they need to now open their hand. [19:38]
  • When I first got into leadership, I was a bulldozer because I always had my way. [20:54]
  • As I learned more about emotional intelligence as I grew in leadership, my preferences had to be diminished for the productivity of the team. [22:01]
  • Most people I work with have solved the money problem, but have not yet solved the sacrifices that they took to get that success. [23:35]
  • Most often when people have incredible success professionally, when you peel the layers of the onion, they are not in a good place. [23:46]
  • I realized that the people who have incredible success would never go back to their pastor and say something is wrong. [24:10]
  • I hold the space for leaders to take the mask off. [24:28]
  • As a leader, you need to understand that you are not as important as you think but you are also more important than you think you are. [26:40]
  • In leadership when things go bad you are a mirror, when things go well you are a window. [27:07]
  • If you are a leader you are leading by choice, design, on purpose, and for a purpose, so work and live out of that so that you can unleash the champ. [27:22]


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