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John Lagae
John LagaeChief Executive Officer
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Michael is a recurring speaker for the Alliance of Chemical Distribution, working with the Emerging Leaders Program as well as speaking at other national and regional conferences. Because of her work with executives in this field, we brought Michael in for a 360 degree view of our company to work with our executive team to define leadership objectives and identify areas to improve. Michael took time with team members in each department and was able to have them open up about what was working and what was not working. Michael’s assessment of the situation was spot on, and we had some great breakthroughs as a company and a team leading to a growth year. I highly recommend her as a speaker and leadership consultant.
Alyssa Balkcom
Alyssa BalkcomReferral Coordinator, GRP at John L. Scott Real Estate
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I am thrilled to highly recommend Michael Sherlock based on her exceptional keynote presentation, "Listen. Learn. Lead," at the Puget Sound Relocation Council meeting. Michael's captivating speaking style and profound insights into leadership and global mobility made her presentation truly remarkable. What set her keynote apart was the interactive and collaborative workshop that followed, where attendees had the opportunity to apply the learnings from her talk to solve real-world challenges in global mobility today. Michael's expertise and passion for empowering professionals in the industry shone through in her engaging facilitation of the workshop, leaving participants feeling inspired and equipped to make a positive impact in their roles. Her contribution to the event was invaluable, and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a keynote speaker and facilitator for any organization seeking transformative leadership and mobility solutions.
Tracy Earl Welliver
Tracy Earl WelliverSenior Director - Product Sales
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Michael Sherlock not only had an excellent message for our sales team, but she tailored it so well to our specific reality. This is a direct result of her being so collaborative with us before our event. Many speakers are unable to do that and our people appreciated it so much. I would highly recommend her as a speaker for any size organization.
Paul Costa
Paul CostaTechnical Director & HSE Manager at Roberts Chemical Co., Inc.
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Michael's refreshing outlook and advice on every day challenges in the workplace has helped develop my personal mindset and problem solving skills. The passion is evident during her insightful sessions and her 'outside of the box' thinking offers up a new perspective that you can surely carry over and use to help advance your professional career!
Matt Hellmer
Matt HellmerSales Director at LPi
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I had the pleasure of working with Michael when she was the VP of Sales for a previous company that we both worked for. I mention this because she "practices what she preaches". Many of the speakers that I have heard over my career are good speakers, but they do not have the real-world knowledge needed to drive the message home. Michael is not only a great speaker, but she has personally done the things that she is teaching others to do. She did a great job at our annual Sales Conference and I highly recommend her to speak at any company event!
Hadley Phillips
Hadley Phillips Member Engagement & Event Specialist at Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce
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Michael was a speaker for the Greater Vancouver Chamber’s Women Who Mean Business Symposium this year, and knocked it out of the park! Her connection to the audience, and the amount of interaction and engagement that she was able to pull out of a virtual audience was more than we could have ever expected. I highly recommend Michael as a speaker for any professional group and believe that her “Shock Your Potential” topic is a must hear for anyone at any stage in their career.
Jeff Tallman
Jeff Tallman15 years experience as a Sales Leader helping develop and grow successful sales teams
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I first met Michael during a leadership training for our NACD Emerging Leaders event in May 2022. Interacting with her during the session was great. She delivers concise, actionable advice that is both relatable and personalized. Michael's #TellMeMore technique is a simple yet effective way in slowing down our leadership decisions to accelerate the growth of our employees. Since following Michael on LinkedIn, I see how many people she has helped in taking their leadership skills to the next level.
Dan Morrissey
Dan MorrisseyRegional Sales Director
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Michael Sherlock was a fantastic addition to our National Sales Conference, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone interested in having a fresh voice to energize their group. Michael really took the extra time to get to know our business and tailor her Keynote Address to hit areas specific to us. Many of our attendees mentioned in our post-conference survey that they’ll be implementing parts of her Keynote into their daily selling routines. What more can you ask for in a speaker?
Peter Messina
Peter MessinaDirector of digital transformation
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I first met Michael during a leadership training for our NACD Emerging Leaders event in May 2022. Interacting with her during the session was great. She delivers concise, actionable advice that is both relatable and personalized. Michael's #TellMeMore technique is a simple yet effective way in slowing down our leadership decisions to accelerate the growth of our employees. Since following Michael on LinkedIn, I see how many people she has helped in taking their leadership skills to the next level.
Alejandra Montes
Alejandra MontesCorporate Account Manager at Third Coast
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I saw Michael Sherlock at a conference for my industry's "Emerging Leaders." She was thoughtful, engaging, and challenged us with the "Tell Me More" method to empower the people around us to come up with solutions and create a more collaborative environment. I learned a lot from her presentation, felt energized to help my team and thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend having her as a speaker with your sales team/leadership team!
Anita Kraus
Anita Kraus Senior Account Executive
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I attended a Sales Workshop with Michael at an industry conference. She gave an outstanding presentation on identifying a sales process and using it to gain clients / business. I learned about the importance of building relationships first, which can then translate to positive business outcomes. She is an engaging and powerful presenter!
Kristin Neglia
Kristin NegliaSecond degree connection Group, Meetings & Events Sales | Award-Winning Revenue Driver | Trusted Advisor | Strategic Account Relationship Builder | Implements Strong Foundations to Grow Partnerships
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I attended an industry conference yesterday and Michael was one of the session speakers on the topic of I Hate Sales and she was just absolutely amazing! Michael was so authentic and engaging that I didn't want the session to end!

I “hate” being a sales person but loved her approach to focusing on finding people you like, trust, and want to work with and nurturing that relationship rather than just being focused on the sale. Her advice to liking and commenting on a prospect’s LinkedIn posts is a brilliant way to break the ice so that the first outreach isn’t so cold.

I can't wait to learn more about Michael's sales techniques and hopefully get to see her at another in-person event soon!
Nydia Han
Nydia HanSecond degree connection Journalist, Storyteller, Truth Seeker, and Optimist
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Michael is one of the best interviewees ever - from a to z, soup to nuts, from the planning of the interview to the execution of the interview itself. Working with Michael is always a pleasure. She brings great ideas to the table and is able to articulate even the trickiest of subjects in a way that is simple and digestible... yet powerful.
Melanie King Hecker
Melanie King HeckerSecond degree connection Passionate about making #hearingtech mainstream!
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Michael recently presented at our company’s Staff Retreat! Her professionalism, enthusiasm and content was exactly what our team needed. She is an engaging, dynamic and funny presenter that kept us fully captivated and wanting more. Her energy is infectious! Cannot recommend Michael enough if you are looking for someone to bring your team closer and highly motivated to tackle big goals!

Thank you Michael! You’re amazing.
 Jenny Beach
Jenny BeachGrowth-focused and award-winning sales team leader with 15+ years of experience in sales, sales training, and executive leadership within the medical device industry.
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We were so happy to have had Michael Sherlock onsite with our sales leaders. They especially appreciated the scenarios and interaction. The content was perfect for this audience since it’s been awhile since many have had the opportunity for leadership development. The following day, as we went into breakouts, I heard your buzz words SEVERAL times. “let’s unpack our priorities.” “tell me more”. “look into my mirror.” I also took a lot away from the day as well. I’m a fixer, so it was a good reminder to take a step back and ask more questions. Tell me more! Thank you again, Michael! I hope to get you back again soon!
Amelia Greene
Amelia GreeneGlobal Product Manager at Wego Chemical Group
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Working with Michael on a webinar for our non-profit was seamless and fun. We had a quick call with Michael to describe our requested subject matter and the format of the event. Shortly thereafter, she sent us her intended deck along with some other ideas for crowd engagement including polls, breakout rooms, and short answers throughout the webinar. She even put together a survey before the event in order to best understand our groups wants and needs from the webinar. The webinar was fun and Michael kept the subject matter interesting. Overall, I highly recommend Michael for your professional development and training events.
Keith Renninson
Keith RenninsonProfessional Speaker
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Michael is a warm and inviting host on her podcast "Shock Your Potential" and I loved being her guest. She is quick-witted, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Michael helped prepare me beforehand and we had a blast sharing stories and experiences on her show...I highly recommend her for her podcast and speaking!
Shawana Perry
Shawana PerrySecond degree connection Executive Producer
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If you’re looking for someone who can convey a message for the masses and still make the information seem like a one-on-one conversation, Michael Sherlock is a great fit. I worked with her on a news segment that included providing people with great information about applying for jobs. Her expertise was helpful for those who are first-time job seekers, people reinventing themselves or rejoining the workforce.
Russ Johns
Russ JohnsSecond degree connection LiveStreaming Strategist @ The Pirate Syndicate | Email Marketing, Remote Broadcasting
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I often tell my clients to look for a great podcast or LiveStream guests. (or launch a show) If you're a business owner, finding an amazing guest can be a great way to get new customers.

Michael is an amazing guest and shared so much great advice. It's clear she has invested a lot of time and effort into her craft. She will be an invaluable resource for years to come.

Thank you Michael for sharing your work with us! I loved her talent and technique for communication while she was on the #piratebroadcast.

I highly recommend Michael as a podcast guest and a LinkedIn connection. Thank you Michael for all the great information you share.

Enjoy the day!
Eli Harris
Eli Harris Second degree connection ✪ Award-Winning Voice Actor | Speaker | Army Veteran | Broadcast-Quality Voiceover from Personal Pro Studio | Video Games ▪ Commercials ▪ Animation ▪ Promo |
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Michael hired me as the voice for her podcast. It's easy to see why she is sought after in her field. Michael is very inspirational and knows how to get the best out of people. Clear cut, and articulate, Michael is definitely an awesome client to have. I look forward to working with her again.
Tracey Bissett, CFA 🔹 Female Speaker
Tracey Bissett, CFA 🔹 Female SpeakerSecond degree connection Financial Coach for Young Adults & Business Owners | Speaker | Podcast Host | Founder of Bissett Financial Fitness Inc. | Award Winning Financial Literacy Champion & Educator | Business Consultant
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Love the energy of the Shock Your Potential podcast! Love Michael’s interview style – she’s a natural interviewer and the conversations flow well. Excellent tips and tactics are shared by Michael and her guests. It is great to hear from so many experts sharing their journeys and advice. Well done Michael!
 Kaitlyn Spinney
Kaitlyn SpinneySecond degree connection Business Operations | Integrator
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Spectra was so fortunate to have Michael Sherlock speak at our annual conference for sales and marketers. She willingly got creative and made the trek to North Dakota to speak to a group of sales professionals that insisted they had heard it all before. Within a few minutes of the session, I could tell that we had a fully engaged room.

Our attendees offered many tough questions and situations, all of which Michael handled with ease. Her customized presentation really won the group over, and showed that she had listened to what we deemed the needs of the group were. When the group steered the conversation in a slightly different path, she was highly adaptable.

weeks later, I am still fielding phone calls, emails and cards thanking me for finding the best speaker of the conference. Basically - she made me look good! I am grateful that we were fortunate enough to get Michael, and I have been requested to bring her back next year.
Luci Sheehan
Luci SheehanSecond degree connection Sales & Marketing Leader
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I highly recommend Michael's programs. She wowed an industry organization (where I serve on the Board) with her insights in her uplifting and fun presentation. You'll learn a lot and enjoy yourself along the way. Michael also has a new app that is a practical and useful coaching/inspiration tool that is well organized and offers free as well as paid content
Paul Lee Holden
Paul Lee HoldenGlobal ITAM Network &Telecom Engineering Director
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Kudos goes out to Michael Sherlock for building a custom virtual interactive speaking engagement for our Nike Global Technology teams which had audiences from N. America all the way to Australia. She kept everyone engaged and was very interactive throughout the duration. We look forward to holding more of these sessions. The topic was leading and working with your peers and subordinates in a virtual environment. The audience was both individual contributors and managers/directors/+. Thank you Michael!
James Daniels
James DanielsPresident/CEO at The MEETING Designers
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In 2019, a couple of our employees of The Meeting Designers and I had the blessing of participating in a "Shock Your Potential" workshop led by international speaker and best-selling author Michael Sherlock. Her content was fresh and engaging, and definitely not "cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all" like so many other motivational presenters. Our associates found the participation in her program to be life-changing on many personal levels--and absolutely business-changing! Our team returned from the event with a rekindled motivation to not only create personalized performance goals, but also to execute them and commit to accountability. I've already seen the incredible and profitable results. The Meeting Designers is not only proud to call Michael a friend, but also an authentic inspiration.
Alexis Mintz
Alexis MintzCo-Founder at Get More Reviews
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Michael is wonderful to work with- she produced tangible and very positive results for our company. She has a great ability to bring a sales-minded focus and attitude to health care teams. Our audiology department was definitely transformed for the better due to Michael's guidance and consultation. I highly respect her sales and marketing skills. She was a valuable asset to our practice at a time of transition and change.