Do you want to know the SHOCKING secret behind human potential in business? No matter what business you are in, profit comes from the positive intersection of leadership, sales, and the customer experience. The perfect formula to help you.


CEO Michael Sherlock is an internationally recognized leadership and sales trainer who has spoken to groups virtually, and  in person from more than 20 countries, and she is the author of two best-selling books. Learn more about our on-demand trainings and Michael’s in-person and virtual speaking offerings.

Digital Surgeon- SYP Podcast

The Shock Your Potential Podcast is a conversational interview format featuring high performing businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs who are focused on Shocking Potential every single day.

Michael Sherlock

Best-selling author Michael Sherlock brings you two books to strengthen your business and your career. Tell Me More How to Ask the Right Questions and Get the Most Out of Your Employees and Sales Mixology – Why the Most Potent Sales & Customer Experiences Follow a Recipe for Success will uplevel your leadership and sales skills that will lead to powerful and positive results

SYP- Services

At Shock Your Potential, we know that entrepreneurs  are often a one-person show. Not only can that be challenging, trying to be the CEO, Marketing Director and Sales Manager at the same time, but it can also be very lonely. We have a number of programs and services that can support your growth and help you to Shock Your Business Potential.

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