GovCon Winners – Kizzy Marie Parks

“It’s easy to always come up with excuses or roadblocks but everything literally is possible and so whatever you’re thinking about trying, you should just do it.” Kizzy Parks

 As people act their way into the life that they desire, often they find that they get more clarity of what their passions and strengths are. This is no different from what our guest today, Kizzy Parks, experienced in the course of her studies. According to Parks, you gain more clarity of purpose once you stop thinking and start acting.

As a kid, Kizzy would clean golf balls located in an alley behind her friend’s house and resell them through a fence to golfers. She used the money to buy FUNYUNS® and Nutty Bars. Kizzy always knew that she would become an entrepreneur and earn an advanced degree in psychology. Her entrepreneurial spirit meshed well with her inquisitive nature as an adopted child who always wanted to, and then met, her birth family. Driven to be the successful business owner she always knew she would be, she went on to earn a Ph.D. and establish KPC over a decade ago.

Today, Kizzy owns and operates multiple businesses and have over $50 million in government contract awards. Through GovCon Winners, she helps service-based small business owners learn HOW to win profitable federal government contracts through the powerful CTC technique to grow their bottom line.

In today’s episode, Kizzy will talk about how her journey towards earning PhD led her to becoming the entrepreneur that she is today.

Listen in!

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  • When I was younger, I knew I was going to get a PhD and I knew I was going to be an entrepreneur, it was just something that I felt. [3:02]
  • When I was in graduate school, to earn extra money, I would provide different services by consulting for companies. [3:21]
  • I thought to myself that once I earned my PhD, I would go on to work for a company, and then start a business later on in life or maybe teach for a university and consult on the side. [3:47]
  • There was a graduate research fellowship available at now Patrick Space Force which I took it up. [4:24]
  • At the end of my dissertation journey, the director of research said that he would like for me to stay on as a contractor. [5:07]
  • That is what started Kay parks consulting, my first of three government contracting companies and it all just started out from that graduate research fellowship, and my desire to be an entrepreneur. [5:55]
  • We provide a variety of services primarily to the federal government. [6:06]
  • My desire wasn’t just any 40-hour position but was something I really was passionate about. [6:23]
  • I had no idea about government contracting or how to run a business and so I found people to help me and they broke it down which was really helpful. [8:19]
  • I’ve always been super creative and inquisitive and that’s what led me to doing different things. [10:38]
  • Commercial break. [11:39]
  • On the government side we help our clients just with that shot to get to their potential through making their life easier. [12:42]
  • What is important is by someone saying that they need help and need someone who’s dependable, and who is going to really understand us. [13:04]
  • It helps them because then they’re able to focus on their jobs or their positions in the military. [13:50]
  • When I first got started I had no idea and I spent so much time just even trying to figure out how to understand an RFP. [15:47]
  • Everything is possible and It’s easy to always come up with excuses or roadblocks but everything literally is possible and so whatever you’re thinking about trying, you should just do it. [19:55]


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