Talking Fashion with Gregory Jerome

A Philadelphia transplant by way of Los Angeles, CA. Gregory is seasoned in the elements of style, providing clients with confidence and success that will empower their daily lives and help to align their public image with their personal and professional success.

He holds a degree in Psychology “Behavioral Health and Ethics” that he utilize when styling clients His previous experience of eighteen yeas in the fashion industry, working with companies such as DXL, Jos A. Bank and Coach. He believes in enriching clients with an experience that focuses on uplifting clients mentally when it comes to creating a style. 

Gregory considers himself a cultural explorer. He takes pleasure in traveling and learning from different communities for inspiration regarding the arts, heritages, traditions and delightful cuisines. In addition, Gregory is a musical performing artist who has created an arts education program for youth throughout the U.S. He also dedicates his time, talents and gifts to volunteering with non-profit community-based organizations.

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