What Are Your Money Rules? – Chris Kenney

Did you know that you have money rules? And that your money rules are creating your money results?

Our guest today knows how to help you identify your money rules and reshape them to create better results.  Chris Kenney is a master sales coach, million-dollar business owner, and sought-after wealth mentor. He teaches undercover superstars how to break their money -rules, rapidly accelerate their income, and live with uncommon freedom & choice.

In today’s episode we learn how our psychology may be getting in the way of our success, especially for those in sales. We tackle concepts of how price is only expensive when it is compared to something else, how in order to quote price, we have to believe we are worth it, and being willing to be truly honest with ourselves in what is holding us back.

When Chris isn’t coaching his private clients, you can find him speaking on stages around the world, sharing his 7-Figure Sales Secrets with brilliant, talented entrepreneurs, so they can step into their legacy work by shedding the chains of money-shame and underearning.

Listen in!






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