Becoming Financially Fulfilled – Sanger Smith

What financial guidance can you gain from understanding your core values? How can you use this understanding to make better decisions today that align with your long-term financial goals? Our guest today will challenge you to answer those questions, and more, for yourself.

Sanger D. Smith has recently celebrated his 10th year of service with Clearfork Wealth Management, managing half a billion dollars, and serves as both a Managing Partner and Financial Advisor with the firm.  Not only is Sanger savvy in terms of financial advice, with designations in Behavioral Financial Advice and as an Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor, but his passion lies in diving into the core values and beliefs of his clients.

In this episode we discuss becoming financially fulfilled, identifying what is deeply important to us, understanding our own money rules that guide us, and how to ensure that you retire TO something, not FROM something.

Listen in!

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