Fire Needs Oxygen – Dr. Joli Hamilton

“Your relationship is a mirror of what is going on inside of you.” ~ Dr. Joli Hamilton

Do you have areas of your life where you know you are repeating behaviors that hold you back? Our guest today helps us to understand the impact of those behaviors on our success in business as well as our personal lives, and she has strategies for helping us to show up as fully in both as we want to.

In this episode we talk about understanding ourselves better to change patterns that don’t serve us, and we take a deep dive into the complex issues of jealousy and envy. Her insights will help you to make positive changes that produce the oxygen need to fuel the positive fires in your personal and professional lives.

Dr. Joli Hamilton is a research psychologist, best-selling author, TEDx speaker, an AASECT certified sexuality educator, and professor of human sexuality. She holds a doctorate in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute where she studied the impact of jealousy on relationships.

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  • I coach women and those brave guys who want to dig in deep and find out what their actual potential is and how to show up fully in their relationships. [03:26]
  • So many people that I work with are tangled up and are not bringing their best self to their home life. [04:31]
  • Sometimes we are really acting out, we are not being mindful, we are not actually being ourselves. [12:41]
  • People get so caught up in “pointing fingers” at each other that they miss the fact that they have control over themselves. [15:57]
  • We don’t expect somebody else to fix our business problems, we know we have to get in there and do something differently. [16:04]
  • Commercial Top Dog Learning Group LLC. [19:09]
  • Jealousy and envy are super tightly related and yet distinct from each other. [21:14]
  • It’s not that it destroys your relationship with other people, it destroys your relationship to yourself. [29:24]
  • Once you get to that spot, the whole world is your opportunity. [32:53]
  • It’s okay to still be grieving over what was lost over this past year and the lessons learned are still there. [34:21]
  • Take a moment today and just think about how much acceleration happened this year, while it was painful and challenging it also offered us an opportunity to dig into issues that as individuals, as communities we have needed to look at for so long. So let’s keeps looking! [34:39]


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