Being Resilient in Times of Change – Dr. Steve (“The Gay Leadership Dude”) Yacovelli

“One of the best strategies to be resilient is a positive view of the world.” ~ Dr. Steve Yacovelli

Change will always test our resilience, but our guest today knows that the hard work required to nurture resilience will pay off repeatedly.

Dr. Steve Yacovelli (a.k.a. “The Gay Leadership DudeTM”) is Owner & Principal of TopDog Learning Group, LLC, a leadership, change management, and diversity and inclusion consulting firm based in Orlando, Florida, USA but with affiliates (“TopDoggers”) throughout the globe. His current, award-winning and critically acclaimed book, Pride Leadership: Strategies for LGBTQ+ Professionals to be the King or Queen of their Jungle  “came out” in June 2019.

In this episode we discuss how our cave-selves, part of our genetic histories, were rooted in safety. Today resilience is important for many other reasons beyond physical survival. It is critical for our emotional and psychological well-being. Steve talks about the various ways we process change and threats, moving us through confusion, paralysis to renewal, and how the speed at which we proceed is critically important.

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  • I am gay, I self-identify as a dude, I really love to talk about leadership [04:30]
  • We typically play with the big dogs! [-7:33]
  • Pronounce are insanely personal. [09:10]
  • I have speaking opportunities around the globe that will last forever, right? [12:17]
  • I really made this massive effort to go back and connect with some of those people. [12:54]
  • Just reviving some of those longer-term connections opened some doors again. [13:14]
  • Despite have a doctorate in this stuff; distance learning, I didn’t have a lot of online things that I offered clients. [14:01]
  • You know that’s good for SEO! SE what? [15:34]
  • You always have this kind of love hate relationship between sales and marketing. [18:54]
  • Do you think someone in marketing woke up and said, “I am going to screw up the sales division?” [19:43]
  • Commercial TopDog Learning Group LLC. [21:20]
  • How to embrace some concepts of resilience? [24:40]
  • The Four Rooms of Change Model. [25:21]
    • Room of complacency. [25:24]
    • Room of denial. [25:52]
    • Room of confusion. [26:15]
    • Room of renewal. [26:54]
  • Everyone goes through the four rooms but the speed in which one goes through them, that is what we call resilience. [27:15]
  • Being an empathetic leader now more than ever is so paramount. [31:08]
  • The golden rule of leadership effectiveness is that you foster trust. [31:16]
  • One of the best strategies to be resilient is a positive view of the world. [32:37]
  • You are a better stronger more awesome person on this side, identify what that is. [34:57]


TopDog Learning Group, LLC is a leadership, change management, and diversity and inclusion consulting firm based in Orlando, FL, USA but with “TopDoggers” (aka consultants) throughout North America and beyond.

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