The Power of a Coffee Chat – Francisco Ramos Jr.

“So much is learned at the feet of more experienced people and it is so important that no matter what career or job or opportunity you pursue; you seek out people who’ve done it already.” Francisco Ramos Jr.

Networking is about establishing, building and nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the people you meet. Francisco Ramos Jr. believes that networking goes beyond just the exchange of information, and can help individuals and businesses stay on top of their game and foster growth and success.

Frank is a partner at Clarke Silverglate, where he practices in the areas of commercial litigation, drug & medical device, products, and catastrophic personal injury. He is listed in Best Lawyers in America for his defense work in product liability matters. In 2020, Best Lawyers recognized him as Lawyer of the Year in Product Liability Defense Litigation. He has tried personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, 1983, and inverse condemnation cases to verdict.

Francisco has written over 20 books and 400 articles for lawyers and professionals. You can read most of his books for free on his website, where you can also download (for free) his instructional videos, forms, and podcast interviews. He speaks extensively on leadership, management, social media, diversity, mentoring, pretrial and trial skills, and a host of other topics and is available to speak to your organization, company, or firm for free.

In today’s episode, Francisco talks about the importance of apprenticeship in career and in business, and why it is important to reach out and connect with people to develop meaningful relationships.

Listen in!

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  • I’ve been practicing for about a quarter of a century in Miami and also do a lot of writing and speaking in the areas leadership management, and mentoring.
  • I think the biggest takeaway from what I’ve been doing, is that it’s very fulfilling, but it also has certain opportunities that allow for growth.
  • Each of us has something to offer that we can all learn from.
  • Most of my books or writings, and the website is directed toward younger professionals as a whole.
  • When I want to learn more about something I sit down and write a book about it.
  • The way we conduct business has changed fundamentally, because traditionally, there was always an apprenticeship model.
  • So much is learned at the feet of more experienced people and it is so important that no matter what career or job or opportunity you pursue, you seek out people who’ve done it already.
  • Most teams these days are multi-generational and understanding what the needs of each generation is important.
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  • We overlook how important personal relationships are, because we’re so stuck on doing work and meeting certain deadlines.
  • You can find a way to look outward and focus on other people’s needs, which can draw you away from sadness and despair that sometimes follows us.
  • I recommend people to sit down with their contact lists that they have and reach out to people often.
  • If you’re just sitting at your desk and not doing much else, it’s hard to develop relationships that can grow your business.
  • Keep in mind that we are now in sort of a new paradigm, and we have to be very cognizant of the habits we created both good and bad keep the good ones and try to change the not so good ones.


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