Capitalizing on Your Strengths – Margy Feldhuhn

Do you have an ownership mindset regarding who you work for? Our guest today certainly does. In fact, she was so passionate about the mission and vision of the company that she worked for that she asked to become a 50% owner during her first annual performance review.

Margy Feldhuhn is the co-owner of Interview Connections, the first and leading podcast booking agency. Margy and her business partner Jessica lead an in-house staff of 13 employees in their Rhode Island office, and have successfully scaled the agency to 7 figures.

In this episode Margy encourages people to realize the benefit of getting your voice out there, not only for your business targets but also for your own peers and using the power of podcasts to do it. Creating visibility and thought leadership will truly help you to shock your potential.

When she is not running a successful company, Margy is active in animal rescue and organizes a yearly fundraiser called Art for Animals. In fact, in 2019 she was recognized for her efforts with a “Humane Heroes” award.

Listen in!