Having a Backup Plan – Christine Blackledge

Do you have a backup plan? If not, our guest today has a unique business plan that might just be perfect for you.

Christine Blackledge is s a mother of four, a law student and as a businesswoman specializing in the care recruitment sector and Healthcare Business setup, Christine is known and admired internationally as a ‘mumpreneur’. She specializes in training people in how to set up their own nursing agencies and care homes, both of which make excellent businesses.

In today’s episode we learn why Christine is so passionate about this industry and why she is on a mission to help people follow in her successful footsteps. She also reminds us that the best way to leave 2020 behind and transition successfully into 2021 and beyond is to make sure we take care of our base needs of nutrition, physical fitness, and mental health.

Christine is an author, has 27 years of experience in recruitment business, running her own business and being at a managerial level for large organizations. She setup and ran training schools in the USA and England and various recruitment firms worldwide. She is currently in the USA, Cyprus, Jamaica and the United Kingdom, helping clients set up and run their own home care companies worldwide.



https://www.facebook.com/ChristineBlackledgecarebusinessconsultancy/ https://www.instagram.com/howtohealthcare_startups/