Cooks Who Care Inspire – Maria Campbell

When we see the beauty and precision in presentation that hospitality and culinary arts presents, we are oblivious of what actually happens behind the scenes. Today we talk to Maria Campbell who has worked tirelessly over the years in the food industry.

Being very well aware of the burnout culture in this industry, the rampant stress-induced dependence on drugs and alcohol, she tells us on how she and her husband, Chef Scott Campbell, came up with the company Cooks Who Care, which is dedicated to building a community that supports employers and employees as they strive to prioritize physical, mental, and financial health both on and off the job.

Listen in to learn how Marie has used Cooks Who Care to help her followers to focus less on their titles and more on critical skills such as adaptability, putting yourself out there, connecting and more will help the hospitality industry to make a culture change.