Don’t Take Your Foot Off The Pedal – Connie Diforo

Would you leave your home and everyone you know to travel across the world to pursue your dreams? Our guest today did just that! Connie Diforo is a self-taught designer based in Boston who learned to sew using her grandmother’s Singer sewing machine in Botswana.

In today’s episode we learn about her life-long passion for fashion, her journey to America, and her current mission to help rebuild her church in Botswana. Her now 99-year-old grandmother sparks her desire to save the important historical church and brings back loving memories of getting “all dolled up” to go to church.

Connie’s designs are greatly inspired by her traditional life back in her home country. She loves to blend German print fabrics with modern ideas when creating her functional pieces. Her designs, have been featured in many fashion shows including Fashionably Late at the Liberty Hotel, Boston, Excessive Fashion, Boston Fashion Week and NY fashion week for EPN magazine. Diforo also hosts Fashion Tv in Boston for BNN.

Listen in!

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