Building an Entrepreneurial Edge – Felicia Shanken

Have you considered making the move to entrepreneurship? If so, our guest today may be able to help. Felicia Shanken is the CEO/Founder of the Philadelphia Women’s Network Connection, LLC and PWNC Foundation Inc 501(c)(3). PWNC creates a friendly supportive community where business owners enjoy sharpening their entrepreneurial edge while nurturing valuable relationships that enrich career satisfaction.

In this episode we discuss how her for-profit company provides basic tools and resources for women (and men) who are trying to grow and scale their businesses, and how her non-profit helps individuals transition into entrepreneurship. We also talk about the importance of authenticity in running a successful business.

Felicia hosts her own weekly show on RVNTV, called “Power Up Your Passion”, where she brings guest on to talk about their passion in life and how it lead to where they are now. Felicia was also recognized and honored by “Fun Times Magazine” in their March/ April 2020 magazine edition for being a, “2020 Philadelphia Who’s Who Black Women of Influence”.

Listen in!

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