Ed’s Bred – Natasha and Ed Tatton

“Nature comes first, we love nature.” Ed and Natasha

Our Guest today is going to feed our souls. In a little bit different way. Ed and Natasha are the one who founders of a lovely little bakery called BRED spelt not the way you think so. They are originally from UK and they are both work in the hospitality industry.  In 2013 they decided let’s just pack up and go to BC snowboard for the season and see what happens.

As they did it created this desire to bake amazing bread, but also really do so in a way that is truly that is not only from the table but being more careful and caring about what we eat, looking at plant based diets in particular they came up with a concept that is really working for them.

Things you may not know about Ed and Natasha, Ed has been a foot man for state visits at Buckingham Palace and winter castle. He once put out a fire in a London underground tube he has cooked Dj Jazzy Jeff from the fresh prince of bell air.

Natasha grew up in foster care in south east London, she became vegetarian at age 7. She surfed around the world in Bali, Australia, Mexico and she cannot swim. Her first job was working as a clown in children’s parties where the kids chased her around to fight her or run away screaming and all she got paid is five euros per hour.

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https://www.facebook.com/Bred – Organic Sourdough/ https://www.facebook.com/EdsBReD/?ref=br_rs

https://linkedin.com/Natasha Tatton/


  • I’ve always worked as a chef and loved food from a very early age and loved baking with my mum [3:41]
  • I never worked with packaged foods or anything like that, we made everything from scratch, everything was organic [4:11]
  • Eventually I worked in a restaurant that made bread from scratch for their guests and I loved the process [4:22]
  • When we moved to whistler, I worked at restaurant people would buy bread in and I started the program there and it sort of snowballed [4:49]
  • I started making sour dough for friends and they’d wanted to buy the bread [5:00]
  • So, we spent time in Vancouver Island, working on farms for board and food. Ed started making sour dough for the farmers we were working with and stay with [5:21]
  • It was a great movement in 2020 where people could have that extra time and they may not have made sour dough but I think everyone has a higher appreciation of the time and skill that goes into it [6:45]
  • It’s been really nice through our social media platforms Instagram mostly, people are asking for more tutorials and asking questions and it’s an opportunity for me to engage with the rest of the world [7:06]
  • As a child I was just a natural vegetarian I didn’t enjoy eating meat [7:46]
  • When you are about that age you start visiting farms with the school and you discover the meat is animals. I remember being told that If you didn’t eat that you were vegetarian and so I gladly accepted the label. [8:32]
  • It was quite difficult being vegetarian as a child, people would cook meat generally and I would say sorry I’m vegetarian, and a lot the dads would say get some meat in you [8:51]
  • For me it’s just been a journey of learning and I’m much happier with my life now staying away from that stuff [10:20]
  • I think that just because more people are aligned to veganism but many people want to incorporate that in their diet. So it’s not always someone who is vegan who will ask for the vegan option [10:51]
  • From a professional point of view as a chef I really enjoyed travelling and working I travelled to New Zealand and Australia both countries have an influence from Asia and good fusion mix. [12:14]
  • Moving to Australia open and broaden my look on food and cooking with textures and stuff and this influenced my cooking and baking [12:42]
  • I was really surprised I went to Australia in the 90’s and I didn’t expect to have such Asian infused food like that [13:14]
  • Commercial &Marketing U. [18:42]
  • Tell us about whistler and why someone would want to visit whistler. [21:21]
  • The intent was to come for 6 months and move to Montreux. They say come for the winter and stay for the summer [21:47]
  • We fell in love with the community and what the tourist bring to the village. [22;18]
  • Our bakery is 100 percent plant based and we did that because we are both vegan but everyone is welcome. [22:49]
  • We are located in creek side as It expanded in the 70’s more to the north. We are the first place you get visit from Vancouver and you can ski all day. [23:00]
  • For people who aren’t into winter there is a lovely spa called the Scandinavian spa which is an outdoor spa, in the forest overlooking the mountains and you can sky dive [24:03]
  • In the summer you’ve mountain biking and down the hill biking and doing trails [24;33]
  • Many people come to whistler for wild life watching as well there are lots of black bears and its very safe. [25:47]
  • The community here loves the bears and teach that to the visitors. The trash tins are not easy to open coz of the bears [26:32]
  • I love the fact that the community is intentional about teaching about respect and keeping balance between natural wild life and community. [27:42]
  • Nature comes first, we love nature [28:56]
  • Persistence is the key in baking, try and try again. [34:08]
  • I think what said about baking is something we can keep remembering. When you see Instagram pages take it with a pinch of salt and get off your phones as well and make sure you are outside getting some nature and fresh air, even if it’s for one hour. [34:42]


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