Embodiment Coaching – Morgan Doman

It is really important to make time to get in touch with ourselves.” Morgan Dorman

People-pleasing can be manifested in very many different ways.  One common outcome is that it usually leads to bitterness and resentment. Many reasons can lead a person to be a people pleaser, but one key component that can help cure this habit is becoming self-aware. Our guest today, Morgan Doman, uses embodiment coaching to help people overcome the driving factors to people-pleasing and says it all starts with being in tune with your body and desires.

Morgan Doman is a Life and Clarity Coach, and she helps people-pleasers to gain clarity and confidence to grow into inspired leaders and entrepreneurs. She has years of experience in the non-profit sector which has given her a deep-rooted knowledge of how to combine business with values. Morgan is certified by the Human Potential Institute and specializes in embodiment and transformational coaching. She loves to coach and to find clarity and then support her clients in taking action to create their life.

In today’s episode, Morgan will talk about her work of coaching people-pleasers and expound more on why self-awareness is key in breaking this habit. She will also give us tips on practicing self-awareness and getting more in touch with our bodies.

Listen in!

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  • My biggest and most powerful tool is embodiment coaching, and that’s how I shock people forward by helping them get in tune with their bodies. [2:15]
  • People pleasers tend to be incredible at scanning a room and knowing how to please everybody, but they tend to be very out of tune with their bodies and [2:28]
  • People pleasers can live a whole life doing what everybody else wants, and they have no idea what they want. [2:44]
  • That’s why it is all about clarity and knowing what you want, but sometimes it’s also just about the little things, too, like just living the life you want to live. [2:52]
  • I get people totally burnt out and feeling horrible and sick a lot of the time and just feeling like there’s no joy. [4:20]
  • That was certainly the case for me three years ago, when I started in this area because I think we connect to that feeling of complete burnout. [4:39]
  • A lot of my work is also with mothers and with moms just helping them start to take care of themselves. [4:49]
  • People pleasers tend to not do anything for themselves, and if they do, it is often to serve someone else. [4:55]
  • I had to get sick and burnt out so that I could help myself. And then, of course, it set me on my journey helping other people do this. [5:46]
  • Human beings need balance, and so it’s really important to bring that balance. [6:58]
  • I have this other part of my business, where I help entrepreneurs create and design their business to work for them and the life they want. [7:24]
  • Often, when entrepreneurs take time off, it’s never actually used to be with [8:55]
  • It is really important to make time to get in touch with ourselves, and the more we do, we don’t tend to burn out because we’re resting in our dreams and desires. [9:18]
  • The really beautiful thing about a coaching space or a therapist space is that we actually can express those emotions without judgment, which in and of itself is kind of hard to find in this society. [10:21]
  • There is a lot of self-awareness around what happened in childhood because of this need to people please, overwork, and over-control. Our environment is always attributed back to patterns we learned in childhood. [10:35]
  • Commercial break. [12:10]
  • The more self-aware we are, the more we can do what’s right and move forward on our path. [13:10]
  • My favorite way of doing this is to close my eyes and put my feet firmly on the ground, take a few deep breaths in so in through the nose and out through my mouth and then tune in to whatever I’m [13:48]
  • I love to teach people pleasers and recommend tuning into your body and not your head and identifying the feelings around this. [15:10]
  • The more self-aware we are, the more we can see our patterns and start following our journey through our life. [15:55]
  • Embodiment work is the key, especially when someone is so disconnected from their body. [18:56]
  • I always tell people to spend a whole day not caring about other people’s feelings and see what happens. [21:13]
  • Remember that you only have one life, and you deserve to live it at your fullest potential and to be able to create the life of your dreams. [22:22]
  • That’s your birthright and every human comes with onto this planet. So, if you need it, this is your invitation to shock your potential and live your life. [22:39]


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