The Power of Network Marketing – Brian Dilsheimer

“Take a minute to take stock of where you are, and if you’re not where you want to be, then you have to do something to change.” Brian Dilsheimer

A lot of people are programmed to accept and pursue only what they are familiar with which ultimately limits their options and outcomes. However, there are so much more opportunities that people can explore if only they can change their perspectives and be open-minded to different opportunities. This is according to our guest today, Brian Dilsheimer, who believes that change only starts from within.  

Brian Dilsheimer spent years in corporate America as a Sales and Marketing executive, managing billion-dollar brands including Cheerios and Nature Valley Granola Bars. He moved to a successful entrepreneurial career including many years as a real estate developer and homebuilder. For the past decade, he has helped others learn how they can be successful entrepreneurs themselves and establish a residual income stream to help them have the freedom to explore their personal and professional passions.

In today’s episode, our guest will talk about the opportunities in network marketing and how to cultivate the right mindset to succeed in this field.

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  • When I was first approached with this opportunity, I immediately declined because like a lot of people, I had a negative perception of network marketing or multi-level marketing. [3:24]
  • Because the person that brought it to me was somebody that I knew pretty well and I trusted, I was at least willing to listen. [3:44]
  • I heard the model which was all about helping people save money on services that they’re using and that’s a difference between what we do with ACN and Connect versus what a lot of network marketing companies do. [4:08]
  • I love the fact that we offer value on services that people in many cases are already using like electricity, natural gas, wireless. [4:30]
  • One service that we have right now that is, unfortunately, going to be the wave of the future is identity theft protection and we offer a chance for people to protect themselves in that situation and many other services as well. [4:44]
  • At the end of the day, what we do is we have a more efficient, go-to-market strategy and at the end of the day, I think it’s more efficient to use word of mouth advertising as a way to share the virtues of a product or service. [6:01]
  • I think it is a great go-to-market strategy directly to the consumer, it cuts a lot of costs out and it is why these companies can be profitable and afford to pay some nice commissions at the same time. [6:48]
  • There are pros and cons like people that use those weight loss products, or, you know, they get passionate about it. And it’s great, and you can find other people with the same needs, and you create a lot of passion. [8:04]
  • Sometimes with services, it’s hard to manufacture that quite that same level of excitement about saving somebody a few bucks on their electric bill. [8:18]
  • I do think what gives it longevity and staying power is these are services that people are going to use forever which creates the opportunity for real residual income. [8:26
  • I don’t mind working hard, but I love to work and then get paid for something over and over again. [8:56]
  • It is also the opportunity to create leverage with very low overhead and so create that residual income, leverage the efforts of others by having a team environment, but yet not have a lot of the risks associated with traditional businesses. [9:54]
  • It is pretty simple to sign up for as you have all the infrastructure already built for you. [10:35]
  • These companies spend a lot of time energy and money, putting together the backbone that’s going to assist you and support you so that you have all the tools and the training and support that you need. [10:49]
  • I think that this is like anything else in the world; you have to work because you get out of it what you put into it. [11:00]
  • The good news is every kind of person succeeds in this business, and the only thing that they have in common is they believe in the opportunity, and they’re willing to consistently talk about it. [11:38]
  • Commercial break. [12:15]
  • I have been involved with Connect for a long time and we just recently were acquired by a company called ACN. [13:15]
  • ACN has been around for a long time, they have a 28-year track record and were built by network marketers, and they offer 14 services in 27 countries. [13:26]
  • For the first time to get an opportunity to be global, super excited about that and we were excited to help them build that for the next 28 years. [13:38]
  • What I always like to talk about is the mindset and sometimes we are conditioned in a certain way to go get an education, go get a job work for 40 years, and create that stability, and hopefully, we can retire at some point. [14:08]
  • It is hard to get past conditioning especially when it’s something that may not have the best perception. [14:34]
  • It is really important to look at everything from a fresh perspective and get all of the information and apply it to what’s important to you. [15:02]
  • We all have stuff that keeps us up at night, and ultimately, you have to make your own decision as to whether something fits for you and whether it makes sense. [15:32]
  • The other thing that I would try to teach is sometimes you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, there are systems in place that work, follow the people that have been before you ask questions, watch, listen, learn, and then apply that information. [16:38]
  • In network marketing, you are your own boss where you make your own hours and you do have to be consistent to be successful. [17:20]
  • The key is, one, take a minute to take stock of where you are. And if you’re not where you want to be, then you have to do something to change. [20:56]
  • If you decide that you need some sort of a change, explore your options, look at network marketing, look at other options, but it’s never too late. [21:07]
  • Make goals around what you want to be and make some changes where necessary, I think that you can be in a whole different place 12 months from now than you are today. So don’t let that opportunity get by. [21:48]


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