Getting Paid to Be You – Natalie Sisson

“It’s good not to just be focusing on you and always your growth and profitability, but also about how you can bring up others with you on your way up.” Natalie Sisson

One of the greatest aspirations for entrepreneurs is for their business to positively impact the community. Our guest today Natalie Sisson, has built her business around helping people and says that the benefits of giving back in business are numerous key among them being strong relationships.

Natalie Sisson is a New Zealand entrepreneur, three times bestselling author, speaker, host of the ‘Untapped’ podcast and handstand lover. After ditching a successful corporate career and co-founding a technology company, Natalie decided to monetize her humble, 6-month old blog, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, into a multiple-six figure online education platform back in 2010. 

In her efforts to continuously innovate, Natalie, the OG of digital nomads, turned that content and knowledge into 8 different revenue streams including digital products, courses, workshops, international retreats, and coaching.

These days, she’s passionate about helping women tap into their potential and get paid to be them, so they make an income and impact, simply by being them. Her mission is to help 1,000 women earn $10K per month and contribute at least 1% of their revenue to causes they care about that help lift girls and women up, to create a ripple effect in each other’s lives.

Her most treasured role is as Queen Bee to the Queens of the $10K Club, an international posse of women who support each other through trials and success, all while being coached and mentored by Natalie. Natalie is a two-time Amazon No #1 bestselling author, a sought-after speaker and named as one of Huffington Post’s 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017. 

In 2021 she was listed on Cashflow Podcasting’s Top 13 Women’s Business Coaches Today. She’s a contributor to Thrive, Forbes and Lifehack, and has featured on many other publications and media outlets including 60 Minutes, Yahoo Finance, Huffington Post, Guardian, Daily Mail, Sydney Herald, Mashable and more.

Her book titles include “Suck It Up Princess: Real life strategies to be the heroine you already are and have the money, success and life you deserve,” and “The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Create Freedom in Business and Adventure in Life Paperback.”

In today’s episode, Natalie shades more light on her entrepreneurial journey and her passion of helping women entrepreneurs reach their maximum potential.

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  • Something I really love about being an entrepreneur is looking for those opportunities for your own personal and professional growth. [4:15]
  • The Suitcase Entrepreneur was a love affair for 7 years where I was traveling the world living out of a suitcase showing people how to build an online business from anywhere in the world. [4:21]
  • I went back home and took a sabbatical and later felt like something new was bubbling but not throwing everything away. [4:52]
  • My business today is still similar, but it’s under my own brand name and has switched to helping women. [5:57]
  • It became clear to me that my sort of superpower is about seeing potential and others and showing them how to get paid to do the work that they love by being themselves. [6:30]
  • The business is pretty much about education, teaching, but with just a far more specific aspect of helping women entrepreneurs. [6:49]
  • Freedom has always been one of my highest values and the way that I have built my business. [8:41]
  • More entrepreneurs need to actually be able to step away and recharge their batteries rather than pay lip service. [10:51]
  • We are in charge of our own boundaries and limitations and where our energy is best suited to that and we all need to take charge of that. [11:56]
  • When I had a Suitcase Entrepreneur, it was primarily startup at the beginning of the journey. [12:40]
  • These days, my favorite audience, are people who do come to me are action takers, who are already further along in their business. [13:59]
  • When you give, you get so much back, and you should never give with the sake of the camera. [15:36]
  • There’s so many proven benefits to giving in terms of your own feel good factor, how it helps others and the long term relationships. [16:06]
  • It’s good not to just be focusing on you and always your growth and profitability but also, about how you can bring up others with you on your way up. [16:42]
  • Commercial break. [17:40]
  • I love when communities come together and strive for better things and realize that they got the ability to be responsible and make great decisions. [18:52]
  • The 10k club came about during COVID after I got clarity on what is it that I know I can bring and help people with. [19:07]
  • I saw this as a goal for so many and I thought that’s something I knew I can help people with. [19:35]
  • I distilled down all my years of business experience into the things that had allowed me to succeed and what those pillars were, which came down to three pillars. [19:59]
  • I really want to help people see their potential, and then from there, they can leapfrog into whatever they need. [20:42]
  • It’s the consistent part and definitely moving those women from a space of always being a service provider mode into spending less time but being more impactful. [22:00]
  • It is a bit of a mindset shift for some of them who have always been sort of trading time for money, and looking at the way in which you can leverage online business to do that. [22:19]
  • It is good to think about building a business that can be run without you, it’s a smart move. [25:16]
  • I love it when people decide to go all in and take action versus saying I’ll try. [27:56]
  • It breaks my heart when I hear the word trial, because it usually is not intentional and there’s nothing behind it. [28:02]


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