How to Get Unstuck – Debra Levy

“Find the things that work for you because you are not like anybody else.” Debra Levy

Many times we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and we struggle to create the space and time for the things that matter most to us. However, in order to access the peace and freedom that comes with productive days, we have to be intentional about what we want our days to look like. Our guest today, Debra Levy, guides people in doing the work to make their days more fulfilling and says that it all begins with self-awareness.

Debra Levy, a Certified Life, Productivity & ADHD Coach, is the owner of A Life That Fits, LLC. She is dedicated to helping her clients make time and space for what matters most in their lives. Debra begins by working with her clients to clarify what is important to them, what will make them feel happy and fulfilled, and determining what guidance and support is required to create the life they want. She focuses on areas that are a struggle for many of her clients (whether ADD/ADHD or neurotypical) including time management, hyper-focusing, distractions, the setting of goals and priorities, and establishing healthy boundaries.

Together, she and her clients work on gaining insight into what is holding them back. She helps them to become more aware of their natural abilities, modalities, and tendencies, make room for their big-picture goals and implement step-by-step solutions to help them get from where they are, to where they want to be. Debra is here to partner with her clients on a thought-provoking and productive journey to envision “A Life That Fits” their values and dreams and provide the motivation and accountability to maximize their potential.

In today’s episode, our guest will talk about what her work is all about. She will also provide some tips and insights on how people can better plan for their time by being more realistic in their estimations.

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  • I have transitioned from doing hands-on organizing to fully coaching now and I deal a lot with time management and productivity for people who are trying to feel less overwhelmed. [4:48]
  • One aspect is when people feel like they have no structure in their day or they’ve just too much gone on and they just don’t know how to get it all done and need some help. [4:55]
  • Another is if they’re trying to tackle some type of transition or big projects and need a little clarity and figuring out their next steps. [5:13]
  • I also do ADHD coaching where I go about executive functioning which is the way our brain regulates our behavior and helps us achieve our goals and manage our day. [5:34]
  • People are reaching out more now and there is a lot more awareness about adult ADHD. [6:44]
  • I try to help people to trust themselves again, and to see whatever way their brain is wired, that they have great value, and that they’ve got a lot of strengths just so that they feel empowered again, and not feel that they’re lacking. [7:02]
  • Awareness is key and is the first step and once there is awareness, then someone can start to think about what they want to do with this awareness. [8:12]
  • When I am with our clients in a session, we talk about the actions they want to take at the end of the session. [8:25]
  • For those people who are very good at setting their structure, they are usually fine but the ones that had a lot of trouble were the ones that not only needed a structure in place but did not have any but also that needed that interaction socially, to be able to stay on board. [9:35]
  • So it is a matter of seeing who you are, and how you fit into the situation that makes a difference and that is what we explore a lot of times. [10:00]
  • There was a big learning experience for a lot of people going through this whole pandemic and if people were able to see the golden lining of this, it would be ideal. [11:20]
  • With that awareness, hopefully, people will be able to directly communicate what their needs might be to their employers. [12:25]
  • A lot of people reach out when trying to figure out how to get unstuck and so by discussing and talking through what their major overarching goals are, we figure out what they want to accomplish by the end of that call. [13:30]
  • We move them forward by being very action-based as well as figuring out these aha moments during the time. [15:14]
  • A lot of people do not trust in themselves to be able to make the decisions and they just have not felt the confidence so I help them to feel more empowered about doing that. [14:24]
  • Commercial break. [14:40]
  • A lot of my clients are dealing with their time management and so what I would like to talk about today is something that I go through with them when they are trying to figure out how to manage their day. [15:40]
  • A lot of people feel overwhelmed with managing their time and I find a big chunk of that has to do with estimating time. [15:56]
  • There is a concept that I learned called ramping up and down where people tend to feel that they have more time to do something than they do. [16:12]
  • I found that by experimenting with how they track their time, we can see how close they are to reality. [16:34]
  • A lot of people think that those extra steps you take before are a waste of time but it is part of the ramp and is very specific to what you have to take care of. [18:54]
  • One thing that I found is a great tool, which I use all the time with my clients is time timer. [22:21]
  • It is a great tool that helps people to visually see time disappearing and is awesome for those who do not have a great relationship with time. [22:30]
  • Find the things that work for you because you are not like anybody else. For your life to feel more fulfilled, you need to be able to build that toolbox that means something to you, will be consistent, and something that you enjoy. [24:30]


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