How to Lead a Mutli-Generational Team – Mona DelSole

Today is the first time that we have seen 5 generations in the workplace at once. And each generation has its own characteristics. How can any leader navigate this incredible number of multi-generational collectives and harness this powerful opportunity?

Our guest of today is Mona Delsole who helps leaders and their multigenerational teams transform performance, engagement, and culture.  She presents, trains, and coaches to bridge the divide and connect across the generations. Her programs and services include: ​

  • Connecting Across the Generations: Virtual Presentations and Group Coaching
  • Strategic Networking and Branding Programs for Young Professionals, Corporations and Colleges
  • How to Lead Your Virtual Multigenerational Team
  • Customized Group and One to One Coaching Programs
  • Communication and Leadership Development Workshops

Leadership isn’t about leading a group, but about seeing the individual, knowing what they want, asking the right questions and learning how to help them overcome their challenges. Despite our generations, we all have our individuality in common.

Listen in and learn the three C’s that will help you succeed in this new multi-generational environment!

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