Operation Field Agent! – Rick West

“Success and especially significance, follows the path of the depth and the breadth of relationships.” Rick West

The ability to tap into real time data, and to collect it in an effective and efficient manner is vital in the current business environment. The need to know and understand what is happening in real time can provide useful insights that businesses and individuals can use to make meaningful and impactful decisions.  Rick West provides unique tools that make it possible for people to access real time data wherever they are, and says that part of it is in understanding the power of the voice of the crowd, and leveraging on it to solve problems. 

Rick West is the CEO and Co-Founder of Field Agent, a global Work-On-Demand Platform. Prior to starting Field Agent, Rick worked 16 years with Procter & Gamble in various assignments in the United States, Hong Kong and Bangkok. Since leaving P&G, he has been a start-up Entrepreneur for 19 years.

Rick has co-founded multiple start-ups, including the Northstar Partnering Group, CORE4 Research, JOYN, and most recently Field Agent. He is a mentor and speaker within the entrepreneurial community and an active board member. He is also a member of the global Endeavor Entrepreneur network. Rick is an 8 wing 7 and has a BBA in Personnel and Industrial Relations with a minor in Economics from the University of Kentucky.

Rick is the husband of one, father of 3, grandfather of two and a friend to many. Rick and his wife Kim live in Fayetteville Arkansas and they attend Harvest Fayetteville church where rick is currently serving as an elder. They both attended the University of Kentucky and are college basketball fans. 

In today’s episode, Rick talks about the importance of real time data and how his technology helps both users and business owners achieve their goals.

Listen in!

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  • What I realized early on in my career is that solving problems was a really good thing.
  • In April 2010, we launched the first app in iTunes that paid cash, that used geolocation and metadata to provide real time data to masses.
  • In an effort to solve a problem for me, I realized that everyone had the same problem and therefore saw an opportunity to scale it.
  • Part of what we started to learn on the user side, is that we were helping people that were down on their luck, which felt good.
  • For entrepreneurs, they were able to know within a short time and minimum cost, whether customers liked their products or not.
  • The best advice I was ever given to me as an entrepreneur was that you are only as good as you invoice and collect, and that the Holy Grail is if the customer buys it again.
  • If strangers are willing to pay you for your product, and they renew, go drive it by all means because it means that the market has spoken positively.
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  • We realized early on from a user base standpoint that we needed to have advocates that were not being paid by field agent, but were just passionate about the product.
  • The second thing was understanding the power of the voice of our crowd and knowing how to leverage on it to solve the problem.
  • If you’ve got a great product, word of mouth really is a thing and that goes back to the advocacy.
  • You cannot keep asking friends and family if your baby is cute, you’ve got to go find strangers because they will tell you the truth.
  • Even if you’re not a technology person, our app is not that intimidating and is pretty basic.
  • Relationships matter, and success and especially significance really follows the path of the depth and the breadth of relationships.


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