RISE Hypnotic Meditation – Mary Welp

”The physical is exemplifying what’s happening in the mental, and when we don’t live from our soul’s purpose, it has an effect on our body both mentally and physically.” Mary Welp

If left uncontrolled, many of the unhelpful human states such as stress and anxiety can take over and become a source of pain. By enhancing mind-body control, people are able to exert more control over their thoughts and perceptions, thus improve the quality of life lived. This is according to Mary Welp, who also notes that such healing affects a whole generation and not only the individual.

Mary Welp is a certified hypnotherapist specializing in Hypnotic Meditation. After 20 years of private practice as a Craniosacral therapist and 14 years as a certified hypnotherapist, she launched RISE Hypnotic Meditation to teach others how to bring meaningful, positive changes to their lives. She teaches a direct, easy, adaptable practice in 4 steps: Relax, Imagine, Suggest, and Empower.

Mary helps those who are interested in self-improvement or anyone would like to get rid of a bad habit, fear, or imprint. She works within the following areas but not limited to: boundaries, social anxiety, sports performance, self-confidence, fear of rejection, optimism, procrastination, letting go of anger, guilt, improving sleep, grief and loss, and relationships. Her practice allows anyone to turn their attention inward to make a shift for the better in order to become a healthier, happier person.

Since the pandemic, Mary has shifted her practice from one-on-one sessions to teaching. She now travels and teaches a three-hour workshop across the country which she likes to refer to as a marriage of meditation and self-hypnosis. Her mission is to spread this self-healing therapy to as many people as possible.

Mary loves being a grandmother and lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband Jim. Aside from publishing her first book, RISE, Mary has also co-authored the book “The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Vol 5”, currently #1 on Amazon in Spirituality, Journaling, Holistic Medicine and Mind-Body connection.

In today’s episode, Mary talks about how she uses hypnotic meditation to help her clients improve themselves and live a life of purpose.

Listen in!

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  • I’ve been doing private practice for a long time, and I started with bodywork then later got my hypnotherapy license and I started marrying the two therapies together.
  • For the last year and three months, I’ve been traveling and teaching RISE as a three-hour workshop, teaching the steps and talking about why and how it works.
  • I realized the diversity and definitiveness of self-hypnosis, and it does shift and change things giving your subconscious the opportunity to reprogram a little bit.
  • As we grow, learn and we change, we get to have a more stable emotional, grounding way of life.
  • A lot of people get stuck and get themselves in a hole, because of what life expects of us which normally isn’t who we are.
  • The physical is exemplifying what’s happening in the mental, and when we don’t live from our soul’s purpose, it has an effect mentally and physically on our body.
  • It’s really about giving us the opportunity to live our highest goals and dreams.
  • We have this opportunity to, not just have meaningful lives for ourselves, but also for those that follow us.
  • When we do effect change in ourselves, it definitely has a ripple effect.
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  • I’ve written the rise hypnotic meditation book so that people can pick it up, read it, and know and how and why it works.
  • When we’re given that opportunity to sit and look at ourselves and our part in it, that opens up the door for change.
  • When we have that intention to identify something that we need to change in ourselves, it shifts it.
  • Tension is who you think you should be, and relaxation is who you are.
  • If you scan your body now and then and connect with where you feel tension in your body, and breathe into that, you’re going to be more authentically yourself.


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