Pursuing Your Dreams – Trey Adams

What is holding you back? Whether it is going after your dream job or simply changing your mindset, you’ll only get there when you start taking the steps that move you towards it. And as you take those steps, be confident in the fact that the steps you’ve taken thus far have taught you more than you may know.

Carrying your skillset from one job to another is what our guest is all about. Wayne T Trey Adams, III (call him Trey) is a former probation/parole officer who became a special education teacher dedicated to motivating and inspiring students to be their best.  He has developed inspirational mantras, developed The Cheats Codes (math short-cuts) to help his students become better students, and is writing a children’s book. But his students give back even more, inspiring him as well.

According to Trey, we can always control our attitude, our thoughts, and our words. And that all can lead to success.

Listen In.

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