#BeAsBuilt – Ricky Higby

Building respect and resilience through oration is what our guest today is all about. Ricky Higby spent 26 years in the Air Force, and today his goal is to obliterate behaviors such as suicide, bullying, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, self-harm, inequality, & discrimination while enabling individuals to be their best self, to #BeAsBuilt

In today’s episode Ricky talks about the privilege of selfless service in the military, the opportunities of traveling the world and having adventures such as hang gliding in the Swiss Alps, and the importance of being intentional in all that you do. Ricky also shares a deeply personal and tragic story of loss of his first wife to suicide and how that fuels his work today. But through it all he found unwavering community in the military and is honored to have served.

Ricky has 24 years of leadership experience with over 10 of those years consisting of teaching and writing on the art and science of leadership.  He is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach, a Violence Prevention Educator, a Resilience Trainer and a Temperament Discovery Facilitator.  He has been speaking, teaching and training for over 15 years from Africa and Brazil to Germany and Japan as well as throughout the US.

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