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“You are not a number with a travel advisor, you are with a live person and you don’t have to hold.” Gurvinder Ravery.

After months of restricted travel due to the pandemic, people are now starting to plan for their next trips. Yet as travel opportunities continue to open up in most parts of the world, it is important for travelers to realize that the travel world has changed and is quite different from what they once knew before the pandemic. According to our guest today, Gurvinder Ravery, seeking the services of an experienced travel advisor to help you navigate the travel process might be the best way to go considering the current circumstances. 

Gurvinder Ravery’s passion for traveling has allowed her to discover new destinations around the globe and share them with her clients. Eleven years ago, Gurvinder and her family started a tradition of taking annual trips to Turks and Caicos enjoying “island living” for a month. Gurvy Travel soon emerged. Gurvinder assists travelers with the logistics of planning and traveling.

In today’s episode, our guest will be discussing her travel experiences and what motivated her to get into the travel industry. She will also tell us more about an exciting travel opportunity that she offers to women who love traveling.

Listen in!

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Virtual Showcase:

  • I grew up in Southern California and lived in Maryland for the last 23 years with my family. [2:27]
  • I have been traveling for years and even had a destination wedding in Positano, Italy. [2:48]
  • Eleven years ago my family and I started vacationing on the Island of Turks and Caicos. [3:08]
  • One of my friends helped me see the light and that the travel business was in my blood so here I am years later a travel advisor who started Gurvy Travel. [3:36]
  • I am an extraverted advisor for Turks and Caicos but I can assist with any destination. [3:56]
  • I traveled very safely five times during the pandemic and visited four different Islands. [4:02]
  • Garvy travels helps busy travelers to take a break from everyday stresses by sending you away for an incredible vacation where you can visit destinations that you haven’t seen before or revisit a destination but with different experiences. [4:09]
  • I have recently joined forces with another travel advisor and we created a group called ‘Suitcase girls.’ [4:55]
  • ‘Suitcase Girls’ is a group for women that are 50 and over and like to meet and travel together. [5:06]
  • ‘Suitcase Girls’ supports and encourages women to get out and explore together with other women and go on organized trips. [5:18]
  • I have seen more and more people wanting to do something off the beaten path that they wouldn’t have done before. [8:37]
  • During the pandemic, I looked into how I can bring travel into my client’s living rooms and into their world without traveling physically. [9:40]
  • Commercial Break. [11:40]
  • There are many destinations that you can go to if you are fully vaccinated while others will require a test to be done before arriving on property. [13:57]
  • One of the destinations that I chose was Cost Arica because it has a lot of outdoor activities. [14:20]
  • I have been there five times and I still haven’t seen the entire country so it is also one of those countries that I feel that there is so much to do. [14:50]
  • Families with teens struggle with choosing destinations to go to and Costa Rica is one of those destinations where you can keep your teens and families entertained. [16:00]
  • I would recommend reserving early, and springtime is a great time to visit Costa Rica. [18:48]
  • There have been so many changes and there are so many protocols that are still in place and travel advisors can help you navigate through that process. [20:21]
  • Travelers are a lot smarter these days and they want trips that are authentic, real, and trips that have a sustainable component and local immersion. [21:00]
  • Don’t overlook the depth of work that a travel advisor does of putting your plans together for a memorable trip. [21:20]
  • Be patient and be flexible because things are different in the travel world. [21:58]


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